Called to Encourage Others in Faith

After years of debating exactly what the best vehicle could be to encourage others in their faith (in a BIG way), we’ve finally taken the ‘blog’ step.  Painful? No.  Scary? Absolutely.  Hopeful? Without a doubt.


In all sincerity, when Dave & I began our small business nearly 5 years ago (on a hope and a prayer), we had no idea what the Lord would ask us to do.  Forsake the comfort and security of 9 to 5 jobs! Work with each other EVERY DAY… ALL DAY!  Love each other and Laugh at the stupid things we each do (in a nice way)!  And most daunting… be bold in proclaiming Him as our Lord and Savior and in teaching others about the importance of HIS WORD… HIS LIVING WORD and encourage them to LIVE IN IT and AMIDST IT.   This is how our theme… Lighting the Home with the Living Word was birthed.


Through our journey from fame and fortune to Small Business Owner, we have found the power of claiming the Promises of God from Scripture to be our stabilizing life force.  Without a God perspective, much of what we walk through day in and day out would be very difficult to bear, depressing, and bewildering.  We rely upon scriptures that meet us exactly where we are and lift us out of the miry pit of our fallen world.


Not only is this blog a natural extension of our business (free ad for, it is also an opportunity to share with you trials and struggles and relate how the power of the Living Word encourages as it is found around the home (and more importantly in our hearts).  We intend to use this blog to sort out what scripture can best meet a person in need (mourning, facing illness, uncertain of future, anxiety ridden, etc.). 


We hope you’ll enjoy this blog and post any and all questions and comments.  We want this to be a community for people to talk about how scripture has encouraged them in their Faith, bolstered their Love, and given them Joy beyond imagination.   So, read on, and enjoy.


Jeana D.

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