Handcrafted Personalized Sterling Scripture Jewelry

God TagsWe are very excited about one of our new artisans that comes to us from Llano, Texas. Her specialty is a product that is based upon military issued Dog Tags called GodTags™.   Each tag is a beautiful piece of art made of sterling silver unique unto itself.   

What a perfect way to not only commemorate a very special occasion, but to also give a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.  It’s also a chance to give the recipient a special scriptural blessing that can be hung around their neck as a constant reminder.  Simply lovely – both the thought and the gift… and completely unique.  We love the sterling 6.3mm Rolo Chain with the tags.  It offers a classic chunky look to be admired by all.  I wear mine and get comments all the time about it’s beauty.  I gladly accept the opportunity to talk about not only how wonderful my kids are but also about how they are simply a blessing from God given to me to love, guide and treasure. 
Perfect Occasions to give a God Tag…
  • Graduation
  • Confirmation
  • Baptism
  • Mother’s Day
  • New Baby
  • Wedding
  • Just Because…

The standard GodTag™ comes with scripture that relates to Love, Faith, Courage, Baptism, Marriage, Family, Children, Purity, Daughter, and Son.  Personalized tags are available in 3 sizes – which is determined by the amount of text you wish to place on your tag.  Each tag can hold no more than 3 lines of text.  The tags are available with no chain, a self-adjusting leather cord, a sterling silver ball chain or a 6.3mm sterling rolo chain. 

Family Tag with Rolo Chain
Family Tag with Rolo Chain

Order online at www.ChristianGiftsPlace.com or call us at 866.834.0356 or 203.834.0356.

 A Bit About the Artistic Process…

Each GodTag™ began as an original drawing or piece of artwork. Then it was made into a stamp, which was then used to create an impression in wax, and later cast into a sterling silver tag. Each tag has been hand stamped with its own unique scripture abbreviation. A second blank tag can be hand stamped with a name or names, brief phrase, and a significant date to make the jewelry piece unique to the recipient. Second tags add a personal touch and meaning to each GodTag™.

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  1. […] Next up is Visible Faith Jewelry who are the makers of not only amazing, funky .925 Sterling jewelry, but also of the God Tags Lineup.  They are located deep in the heart of Texas and make jewelry that is popular with both old and young.  We have also bragged about this amazing company in Love Set in Stone and Handcrafted Personalized Scripture Jewelry.  […]

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