Top 10 First Holy Communion Gift Ideas

First Holy Communion Gifts for Boys and Girls

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First Communion, or the sacrament of the First Holy Eucharist, is a very important milestone in the lives of young Catholics and some Protestan Denominations. Accepting Communion for the first time means accepting Jesus and our Faith, as well as understanding the mystery of Transubstantiation. This year when your child, godchild, niece, nephew, grandchild, or family friend is about to receive Christ for the first time, help them celebrate with First Communion Gifts that they will cherish for a lifetime. Sure, government bonds are an old stand-by, but they do not help to remind the child of the close relationship with God that the sacrament of First Communion brings to them. For a treasured keepsake gift, we offer jewelry, wall crosses, frames, special pillows, and much more.

Here is a listing of the TOP 10 Gifts available at this year:

  1. 1st Holy Communion Crosses
  2. 1st Holy Communion Frames
  3. Communion Necklace
  4. Scripture Pillow
  5. Personalized Plate
  6. 1st Holy Communion Pillow Case
  7. Blessings Bowl
  8. Photo Album
  9. myGodTags
  10. Pewter Room Blessings Plaque

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