Sterling Silver Jewelry to Celebrate Adoption

Every perfect gift is from above… James 1:17

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord… Psalms 127:3


We are so pleased to have added one more piece to our special Adoption Jewelry line…

The newest piece is from A Little Faith Sterling Jewelry Line

It is entitled The Adoption Story Necklace.  Every adoption has a unique story of how God makes families. Represented by the ‘Adopt Envelope’ charm, the story begins with a decision to adopt, finding an agency and doing more paperwork than you ever imagined. The ‘Globe’ charm represents determining where in the world your child is. The ‘Heart’ charm signifies the wonderful day you receive your referral. The ‘Suitcase’ represents traveling around the corner or around the world to meet your child for the first time. The ‘House’ charm represents bringing your child home and becoming a family.  Enjoy wearing this piece of jewelry as you work and wait your way through your adoption story, or wear it in celebration of a completed adoption and the delight of welcoming a new family member.

The other two pieces that are very popular in our store are the Adoption Poem Touchstone and Necklace.  “‘Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously My own. Never forget For a single minute: You didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.”  Fleur Conkling was an author of songs, stories, poetry, magazine articles and children’s books including the Bingity-Bangity School Bus, Billy Between and The Brave Little Duck.  This poem, however, which has gained great currency, is perhaps her most well-known verse, though few may realize her authorship of it.  Known variously as The Adoption Creed, The Answer to an Adopted Child, and In My Heart, it was published in the Saturday Evening Post in 1952.  As a beautifully phrased exploration of unique emotional bond, it became a most special poem for parents and children alike.  This poem has been simply engraved on an irregular tactile disc form, which can be worn as a necklace or kept as a touchstone for pocket, purse or key chain.

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