Morning Praise Bath

So… how long does it take to you pull it together in the morning?  How long does it take you to shower, primp, dress and get ready for the real world?  For me, it’s about 45-60 minutes… depending upon my mood and exactly how cooperative my hair is going to be.  After that, I am ready for the day… or am I?

I read a quote last week that made a mark on my heart and it has yet to leave my mind.  It was a quote from Charles Spurgeon,

Wash your face every morning in a bath of praise.

I happened upon this quote at a time when I’ve really been pondering the power of Praising Him in the midst of the storms of life.  This is a pretty common topic in my Community Bible Study Leadership Council.  I am surrounded by women (and am indeed one myself) who are being battered and beaten around by the consequences of a fallen world… death, illness, unemployment, broken relationships, rocky marriages.  The pain is great, the all-consuming fear, hurt, worry is very real and very fluid.  It moves in and out, like a dense fog, with the wind and is eager to meet us immediately upon waking every morning.

The good news is that amazing things happen when you remain in the Word, talk to your Savior, and meet with other disciples of Christ… you not only learn God’s perspective, but learn about how to respond to Him during difficult times.  What is God’s perspective?  It’s Rejoice Always!

Rejoice in the Lord always: [and] again I say, Rejoice. (Philippians 4:4)

…always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Ephesians 5:20)

C.S Lewis is quoted, Reflections on the Psalms, p.93

It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men.

Isn’t that a beautiful, perplexing, amazing thing?

Washing our faces every morning… or our entire bodies every morning with praises to God for the goodness & mercy He has shown us is KEY!

When we awake from our insulated slumber and step into the reality of the day, the very first thing that we should do is go over some accounting with God. 

First thank Him for who He is: He is Righteous & Holy (Psalm 7.17, 30.4, 48.10, 71.16, 24, 99.3); He is Great (Psalm 18.3, 48.1, 96.4, 145.3); His Mercy & Kindness (Psalm 18.49, 31.21, 57.10, 86.13, 100.5, 106.1, 108.4, 145.8-9); His Faithfulness (Psalm 71.22); His Power (Psalm 21.13, Psalm 29.3-10); His Word (Psalm 56.4, 56.10). 

Thank Him for knowing all of our circumstances, every worry, every fear, and every need.  (Job 42.2, Proverbs 15.3, Jeremiah 16.17, Act 1.24) 

Give thanks for the blessings that are real and shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted… especially in this day and age … a warm place to sleep, soft sheets, hot bath, food for breakfast, a place to worship, a job, Godly friends, healthy children, green trees, fragrant flowers, etc.

Thank Him for loving you so much, that He desires a relationship with you (John 15:14-16), that He has pledged never to leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5-6) and that He sees you as a diamond in the rough and aims to heat you up and put pressure on you until you become a perfect shining stone.

It is good to give thanks to the LORD, And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; To declare Your loving kindness in the morning, And Your faithfulness every night. (Psalm 92:1)

Just ‘loving on God’ will change your entire perspective of the day and of your circumstances.  Praise is a one of the powerful weapons of spiritual warfare that we MUST use in facing the daily battles of life.  Your time of praise will unleash the power of God in your life.  It unleashes God’s sustaining, protecting and renewing power within us. Praise establishes a spiritual “covering” over us that helps prevent things like depression, sadness, and fear from affecting us. Praise is a way of humbling ourselves before God and therefore invites him to move on our behalf.

Spend some Praise Time every morning.  Make it a part of your routine to REALLY prepare you for the day! 

Be Blessed!

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  1. […] Your Praising God will not only release His mercy and grace but it will move you closer to gaining a full glimpse of Him.  God never leaves… it’s we who do the moving.  The only way to right the situation is to continue seeking Him and praising Him through it all… not for what He is doing, but for who He is… faithful, omnipotent, everlasting, pure, true, fair, shelter, shepherd, etc.  Read more on starting each day with Praise.   […]

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