He Used A Bug To Get My Attention…

The weather has heated up here in the Northeast and the moisture in the air is high… sorta uncomfortable… but endurable if you can get your outside chores done early in the morning before the sun has a chance to completely stoke up the furnace.  For me, I really hate high humidity and great heat… unless there is a beach or a pool easily accessible… and out of the public eye 🙂

Bugs, on the other hand, seem to really LOVE this weather.

I was out walking the other morning and hadn’t progressed much more than a mile when I was joined by some sort of comicazi, irritating, flying insect.  It took great pleasure in flying in circles around my head and occasionally hitting, by accident of course, my cheek or ear.  (Thank goodness it never got into my mouth).  I swatted with one hand.  Then I’d swat with two hands.  I made contact on more than one occasion and had to have knocked the little guy out of his orbit only for him to find his way back to me.  This went on for more than 4 miles.

I was irritated.  I like to spend my time when I walk… talking with God.  Praising Him.  Intercessing for others.  Talking to Him about my own situation and needs.  It’s a very precious and special time for me to be renewed and for me to accomplish a bit of exercise.  This had not happened.  My walk was over.  My prayer time was incomplete.  I did not feel refreshed and ready for the day… I was completely disgusted with the inconvenience and hassle of the experience.

Well… it occurred to me that this is somewhat analogous to my Christian Walk.  

Sometimes, as we try to be the light during our Christian walk, we get so caught up with the irritating things that pop up and go wrong that we miss out on the journey… and on His presence.  We tend to focus more on the issues than on spending time with Him and being fed and restored.

I had allowed this suicidal, miniscule, insignificant insect take my eyes off of the beauty of the trees and flowers; the lovely song birds; the hard to miss croaking frogs in the ponds… off of the One whom I had desired to spend time with.

Maybe God was sending me a gentle reminder to stay focused on Him and the task at hand and to not get so distracted with the irritants of life.  Because, there will always be irritants that try to distract and dissuade us from Him!   Maybe God used that bug to get my attention.  Hmmmm.

Is He trying to get your attention today?  Are you allowing the irritants of life to distract you from Him?  Figure it out… you never know what He’ll send your way to get your attention!

Psalm 25:15 ‘My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only He will release my feet from the snare.’

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