Is it the breath you take OR The moments that take your breath away…

I just returned from a 7-day chick-road-trip with my 13 year old daughter and (older) sister.  Our mission was ‘Celebrate Dad’s 85th Birthday!  We drove from Connecticut to Indiana where Dad and family reside and then back to VA to drop off my sis so that she could make her VBS organizational meeting. 

During the combined 35 hours in the car we amused ourselves with talk radio, current pop music that only a 13 year old could love and some country. As we were channel surfing we heard the radio announcer speaking fondly of a fairly new song from George Straight titled The Breath You Take.  The announcer mentioned that it perhaps was the finest song ever written and sung by George…. so we listened… and the chorus came…

Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
Try’n to win the race
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away

I smiled because this was not a new lyric to me.  It is a beautiful saying that has been around for some time and is actually featured on a very popular piece of pewter from artisan Cynthia Webb.


Really, the song (and this plaque) is about perspective and a reminder to find joy in the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon each and every one of us… not to take the simple joys in life for granted.  Breath in the richness of every moment!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.  Psalm 126:3

Go… taste the goodness of the Lord today.

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