Rustic Metal Cross Chargers for your Dinner Table

Do you love to entertain?

When you entertain, do you share your love of Christ with your guests? 

Do they know that the cross made the difference in your life?

Well… we are all about helping followers of Christ integrate tasteful objects into their everyday living space that represent who they are in HIM.

These lovely metal chargers are a perfect way to adorn your dining table.

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They can be found online HERE.

Accoring to,

a charger is an elegant and underused element of a place setting. Also known as a chop plate, service plate, or underplate, a charger plate gets its “decorative” label because it never directly touches any food; instead it functions as an aesthetic resting place onto which food-bearing dishes and bowls are placed.  A charger plate is usually larger than a dinner plate but smaller than a food-serving platter.  Charger plate etiquette varies slightly depending on the preferences of the host or hostess, but some general rules apply. The plate should be set when guests arrive, placed 1 inch from the edge of the table and between the silverware setting. Some hosts remove it before any food is served, but more commonly, soup and first courses are placed on the charger, which is cleared before the entrée is served. Other hosts enjoy the appearance of the plate in combination with the dinner dishes and leave it on the table throughout the course of the meal. Most agree however, that the charger should be removed before the dessert course.

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