Unique Confirmation Jewelry Gifts for Boys and Girls

Confirmation is a Sacrament that can be memorialized with something meaningful that will not only last, but also serve as a reminder of the vastness of God’s love and of the power that has been given to those who believe and follow Jesus!

Our custom GodTags®  are a wonderful way to personalize a confirmation gift for both boys and girls.

Here are a few of the pre-stamped sterling silver tags that we offer… you can add a custom tag of your own that sports a very special sentiment to the Confirmand.

Prestamped Tags

Click HERE to see ALL of our GodTags®

Custom Tags – Personalize your gift!

Small & Large Tags are shown

Custom Stamping Ideas

Name / LBTS / Confirmation Date (Led By The Spirit)

Name / Confirmation Date

Name / Special Bible Verse / Confirmation Date

Name / FWTS / Confirmation Date (Filled With the Spirit)

Name / CONFIRMED / Confirmation Date

Name / GROW IN / GRACE / Confirmation Date

Name / U R LVD / Confirmation Date

Custom Tag Sizes:

  • Small – 5 characters per line; 3 lines
  • Medium – 7 characters per line; 3 lines
  • Large – 9 characters per line; 4 lines

Spaces count as a character.  We can only stamp capital letters.   Several chain options.  Call us if you don’t see what you are looking for!

Turnaround on God Tags are averaging 7 business days… longer at peak shopping times.

Looking for a gift to inspire?  Check out www.ChristianGiftsPlace.com.

Wilton, Connecticut

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