Change your perspective with the Eyevolver… the latest in REALLY COOL wind chimes…

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Unfortunately, the eyevolver wind chime is no longer available, so we encourage you to check out our wide variety of sonnet windchimes. The sonnet chimes have 5 heavy walled, center pinned tubes that emit deep tones. All aluminum construction, durable powder coated and anodized finish, and strung with industrial cord. Each chime has an adjustable striker. Tubes are 1.25″ diameter; sentiment is printed directly onto the tubes.

Our popular sonnet wind chimes offer a choice of colors in silver and rose gold.

Check out some of our most popular wind chimes:

If you are looking for a fascinating garden gift for someone you love, consider a sonnet wind chime… it will be an amazing focal point that will stimulate much conversation.

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