Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments… that make a difference

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pilgrim Imports – Metal Ornaments

Presenting the beautiful mixed metal and beaded ornaments made by villagers in rural Thailand, each one is handcrafted and represents the cultural and artisan influences of the region. Pilgrim Imports began in the 1980’s with the idea that a beautiful handcrafted products could combine metalworking skills, village life and culture, and create jobs to improve the lives of the people there. And it is working! No waste is never dumped to harm people or environment.  Villagers take a break from making these ornaments to work in their fields and gardens.  Pilgrim Imports mission is “Working Together for Good” and aims to ensure that craftspeople in the village earn a fair wage… one which will keep their families and village together while providing a better life for their children.

The metals used include lead-free nickel, copper and brass, lead-free solder. Our selection of ornaments are 2-sided. Hang them on your Christmas tree, in the window where the light can play with the color beads, on that little space on the wall by your desk or door that will make you smile!

These are NEW and JUST IN STOCK!

Shop Now … Our Entire Collection of Handmade Metal Christmas Tree Ornaments.



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