Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep…

Ok, I admit it.  When I was a child I slept with my closet light on… in fact, even for a good part of my adult life I have slept with some form of illumination in or near my bedroom.  (Before you make fun… remember light always trumps darkness… and yes this is a simile for the ultimate battle between good and evil!)  Perhaps a bit more embarrassing than sleeping with lights on… I have been known (years ago) to gaze for hours on end at the doorway to my room just to make certain no one or no thing was sneaking in.

Okay now for the redeeming news… God can fix anything!!!  About four years ago, He gave me a verse that I quickly claimed as my own and wrote on the tablet of my heart.  It is Psalm 4:8 ‘I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.’  His Living Word permeated my soul and ‘fixed me’. 

Tuscan Bedroom - Psalm 4:8
Our Lord, so badly, wants to heal our hurts and fears and He did that for me regarding nighttime fears.  This scripture became so important to me that I began mentioning it to others and found that I had not been alone in the ‘fear of darkness’ thing.  I became so impressed by how the Lord was using such a silly little ‘issue’ of mine and then not only completely removing it from me, but making it into a very important testimony to share with others.  I found that there were so many people hungry for relief from nighttime fears in both children and adults that I purposely sought to find unique and different merchandise to remind one of this scripture. 

The Lord is good… all the time!  He greatly desires that we deny anxiety and fear and even more so that we completely trust Him with our lives 24/7.

8 Pillow for Child
Minky Psalm 4:8 Pillow for Child
If you or someone you know struggles with this little ‘issue’, claim Psalm 4:8 for yourself (or them) and display the scripture as a reminder.  It can be as simple as a yellow sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or as elaborate as a wall hanging on your bedroom wall.  
Peace Wall Plaque
Peace Wall Plaque


Our goal is to help Light Your Home with the Living Word.  Shop at today for clever ideas on how to place the Word of God around your home or see all Scripture Wall Hangings, Vinyl Wall Scripture, or all Scripture Pillows

Joyfully & Completely Rested in the Lord,

Jeana D.

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