Wedding Gifts that Inspire

It’s almost June, which means Wedding Season!  Let’s face it Weddings are one of the most, if not the most, precious time in the lives of a couple that God has brought together.  It’s a mountaintop experience.  They’ve been prayerfully planning this day for months, perhaps years and it finally arrives.  Much of the anticipation is for the actual event… the gathering of friends and family – all together – for perhaps the only time EVER – to join in the public celebration of unified love.   Weddings are such a big deal;  we know that those attending only want to take their very best for the joyous couple.

We here, at, ship A LOT of wedding gifts.  We wrap them with care, smiling all along, thinking about the happy couple and the life that God has planned for them.  It’s a privilege to ship amazing, unique and different gifts that feature God’s Word in a box to these recipients.  Perhaps one of our most popular gift lines for weddings is our Scripture Pottery.  

Scripture Pottery


We’ve had customer’s tell us over and again how much they appreciate the beauty and fine quality of the product, but they also say how special it is to be able to give a beautiful gift that will be an inspiration at many meals, potlucks, and parties to come. 

Our Scripture pottery includes about 15 unique pieces including a Communion Set.   Our other pottery includes casseroles, bowls, salad bowls, pitchers, oils lamps, candle sticks, blessing cups, utensil jars, pie plates, bun warmers and other serving pieces.  One of the most popular pieces is our handmade coffee mugs with scripture. 

Each piece has been carefully hand-crafted in Colorado and Mexico. Unlike mass produced pottery found in most department stores, each piece is unique in itself and may vary slightly in color or size. More than fifteen different steps are used in the creation of each piece to ensure that the final product is truly a unique work of art.

The pottery is safe for use in dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens and all glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. Great care went into the creation of each piece of pottery and with care your pottery will give you many years of pleasure and use.

We are honored to share the Word of God in this way.  Check out our pottery.  It has been made to please both the giver and the receiver.



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