Teacher’s Gifts?… How About a Gift That Blesses

In my world, teachers come in all shapes and sizes (and I mean that figuratively rather than literally).  What I mean is that some teachers are so amazingly nurturing and able to instruct that they almost ‘walk on water’.  They go out of their way to encourage and instruct.  They know when to ask Johnny if something is going on that is distracting him from his work.  They write special notes to Susan to applaud her efforts and encourage her to continue in her efforts. 

Petite Glass Blessings Bowl
Petite Glass Blessings Bowl

Then there are those who, shall I say, should find another profession before they ‘shortchange’ another child.  Those who don’t teach, don’t care, and actually leave a blotch on a child’s soul. 

My children have experienced the ‘miracle worker’ teacher who can bring out the best in them and teach them algebra while standing on their head.  They’ve also experienced the teacher who never gets out of the chair, never writes on the board, never checks their work (but rather has them check each other’s work), basically ‘does not teach’.  Since each year is peppered with a variety of degrees in professionalism, attitude, and skill I have learned to greatly CELEBRATE those teachers who do it right.  Those are the sweet spirits who have truly been called into the teaching profession because they care about kids and LOVE TO TEACH.

I believe in celebrating what is good and true… and in that vein, I suggest blessing those special teachers – who get it right – this year.   In fact, we must thank God for pouring out the richness of His mercy on us and for gifting us with such a teacher in the life of our children.  “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” Ephesians 1:3

Petite Blessings Bowl
Petite Blessings Bowl

In addition to writing a heartfelt note thanking the teacher, with specifics, about how he or she has impacted the life of your child, you could offer up either one of these lovely Petite Blessings Bowls.  Each bowl includes a scroll printed with “Our world celebrates the blessing of you.”

A beautiful favor, memento, or thank-you gift, this elegantly packaged miniature (approximately 3 ½ inches in diameter) Blessings Bowl comes ready-to-give: all you need do is remove the hang tag and give.  Each are currently on SALE at $21.59.  See what else we offer from Alchemy IV.  BLESSINGS BOWLS

ABOUT THE ARTIST:  These bowls are made by Alchemy IV.  Alchemy IV is the creation of two women whose lives crossed paths many times before finally finding a way to work together creating their dream. Connie and Susan are friends, mothers, volunteers, and human beings who are completely committed to running a company which reflects their love of life and of the world we all inhabit. Alchemy IV strives to hire artisans who love their craft, companies who support people with disabilities, and people who share its vision. Alchemy IV is also committed to sharing its profits with people in situations of need, and endeavors to support all organizations which do the same.


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