Inspirational Jewelry… Can it encourage others in their faith?

An amazing way to encourage one, who is on their own personal walk with Jesus, is to give them a piece of inspirational jewelry that speaks to their heart. 

Forget mainstream mass-produced inspirational jewelry.  You have just uncovered something unique and different.  Amazing inspirational jewelry created, designed and made by amazing artisians who have a heart for God… and are being led to create designs that minister to the soul of the recipient.

We are so excited that we can offer our customers quality jewelry from amazing artisans from the US and Israel.  We offer inspirational jewelry lines that won’t be found in most Christian Book Stores.  Today we want to profile three such amazing artisans.

A. George Sterling Silver Hand Cast Jewelry
A. George Sterling Silver Hand Cast Jewelry

A. George Jewelry.  We’ve bragged about her before in Is it Cool to Wear Scripture Jewelry… You betcha! and Artisan Update… New Products from A. George .  Her pieces are made of .925 Sterling Silver and are adorned with scripture.  Her inspirational bracelets have a lovely floral/greenery motif on the front and scripture cast on the backside.  The scripture pendants come in several sizes.  The smaller pendants have scripture on both sides.  The larger pendants have the lovely floral/greenery motif on the front and scripture on the back.  Her line is inspired and clearly God’s hand is on Ashleigh as she comes up with new designs.  You can see much of what we carry at Ashleigh George Jewelry at Christian Gifts Place.

Visible Faith God Tags
Visible Faith God Tags

Next up is Visible Faith Jewelry who are the makers of not only amazing, funky .925 Sterling jewelry, but also of the God Tags Lineup.  They are located deep in the heart of Texas and make jewelry that is popular with both old and young.  We have also bragged about this amazing company in Love Set in Stone and Handcrafted Personalized Scripture Jewelry

VF’s God Tags are soooo amazing.  You can choose a God Tag that has a scripture reference for Grace, Purity,  Baptism, Child, Courage, Faith, Love, etc.  Then you can choose one of three sizes for a personalized tag.  The personalized tag generally has a name, date, and maybe an important word or words.  These are also made of sterling silver and come with a variety of chains.  Check them out at Visible Faith at Christian Gifts Place.

Ayala Bar Hand Beaded Jewelry from Israel
Ayala Bar Hand Beaded Jewelry from Israel

Last up is stunning hand beaded Collector Jewelry from Israel.  Ayala Bar was born and presently resides in Israel. Since graduating art school, she has worked in many artistic areas, from theater to interior design. In the late 1980’s, she surfaced as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in the most intricate limited-edition pieces.  She has two releases a year of her Classic Cross Designs.  They are available in multiple sizes ranging from tiny (<.5 inch) to large (>3 inches).  Pictured above is a Spring 2009 Cross Necklace.  Check them out at Ayala Bar at Christian Gifts Place.

Find amazing Inspirational Jewelry for Her and Him at Christian Gifts Place Inspirational Jewelry.  Gift a gift that brings great joy to the recipient through the love of Christ and gives them a message to wear for all to see.  

Be blessed!


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