Artist Preview – Cynthia Webb Pewter from San Diego, CA

We have been thrilled to carry Cynthia Webb Pewter for several years… and we are even more excited to ‘show off’ some of her newer designs that we are now carrying. Cynthia Webb is a San Diego, CA artist who specializes in handcrafted fine pewter ornaments, framed plaques and gifts. Her work is known for its fine detail, which is evident on both the front and back of her pieces. Each piece is hand cast and most have scripture or inspirational quotes. Her designs make very popular Wedding Gifts, Confirmation Gifts, Baptism Gifts, and New Baby Gifts.

Labyrinth Bowl
Labyrinth Bowl

New this season is her Labyrinth Bowl.  The bottom of the pewter labyrinth has been etched with “Show me your ways…teach me your paths… guide me in your truth” – adapted from Psalm 25:5.  Cup the dish in the palm of your hand and gently run your finger tip down the path from the outer edge, trace the path to the center and then back out again…  Check out what we had to say on Labyrinths showing the way to God.


Open Door
Open Door

The Open Door Tabletop is the perfect Hostess Gift for those who truly have the gift of Hospitality.  From both directions, an Open Door is a symbol of Hospitality and Welcome…the promise of adventure and discovery are just a step away. Etched on the outside are the words ‘WELCOME – Our door is always open’. Etched on the inside is ‘ENJOY! It’s a beautiful day today’.


Room Blessing Plaques
Room Blessing Plaques

 The Room Blessings Plaques continue to be a VERY popular item in our store.  To hang on a wall, doorpost, above a bed, by a light switch… anywhere a special reminder or blessing is appropriate.   This has been adapted from the wonderful tradition of Mezuzahs, in which a blessing (the Mesusah) is placed on each doorpost and gate in a home. The traditional Jewish Mezuzah cover requires a small parchment inscribed with specific prayers.  This design can be used as a Mezuzah cover, or to simply serve as a reminder of our many blessings.  See our most recent discussion of the Room Blessings Plaques… A Blessing for Baby.


Abide... Faith, Hope & Love

Cynthia’s Framed Pewter Ornaments are very popular for special occasions.  We offer this ABIDE wall hanging which is appropriate for Weddings.  In addition, the PERFECT UNION framed ornament and the Joshua 24:15 framed ornament are popular for Weddings and Anniversaries.  The Spirit Cross, Vine Cross, Angel Heart are popular for occasions such as Confirmation, Baptism and First Communion.  The Fisher’s of Men and the Jerusalem Cross are lovely pieces that seem to fit Adult Baptism, Ordinations and Installations very nicely.

No matter the occasion, these fine pewter gifts will please the recipient beyond words.



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