New Sterling Silver Mobius Bracelets and Necklaces

Just in time for Holiday Shopping.  This is – perhaps – our most popular Sterling Silver Jewelry offering.  Today, we are pleased to annouce that we have added 3 new Mobius Bracelets and 2 new Mobius Necklaces to our offering from dvbny!  Take a look… see if there is a perfect fit for someone you love!


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866.834.0356     203.834.0356

New Mobius Jewelry

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866.834.0356       203.834.0356
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One comment

  1. I love the Prayer of St Francis bracelet that I already own. I wear it everyday. I would so enjoy owning the 23rd Psalm, the Serenity Prayer, teh Prayer of St Patrick or Amazing Grace because they all have special meanings to me in my walk of faith. But, if I could really win just one, I would want it to be 1 Cor 13. I have just celebrated my 19th anniversary and that was the reading for our wedding. I have learned to apply what is taught in that scripture to many other aspects of life, not just my marriage. Having the constant reminder on my wrist would certainly deter some of the ‘sentiments’ that cross my mind on a daily basis and would keep me more centered on Christ. Wish me luck!

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