Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments … all about Jesus

A couple of years ago, we were very excited to begin carrying this wonderful line of Christmas Ornaments.  Each year since, we have SOLD OUT of most of our inventory.  What makes them special you ask?  In my opinion, it is that they depict the true meaning of Christmas.  The ornaments depict either words of worship , names of Christ, or actual scripture.  I have a friend who hung a set on a ficus tree just so they would be ‘set apart’ and noticed for being ‘different’.


The ornaments come in two shapes… round/flat or round/hollow (sorta bubble-like).  They are made of ceramic and hand painted in vibrant colors that reflect the joy of the season.  Each ornament is finished off with a ribbon for hanging.  Here is one to give you an idea … click here to see the rest of these fine hand-painted Christmas Ornaments.




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