Top Ten Christian Wedding Gift Ideas

Top Ten Christian Wedding Gift Ideas


Summer time IS wedding time!

We have been wrapping and shipping a TON of wedding gifts since June.  It’s so amazing to see just how many of you choose to start the bride and groom off on the right foot, by helping them to put Scripture into their new homes!  Praise God!

We want to share with you what some of the most popular items are this year!

By far and large our Scripture Pottery takes the award for the MOST POPULAR CHRISTIAN WEDDING GIFT this year!

Here is a list of the top sellers for 2010:

  1. Scripture Pottery – Casserole
  2. Scripture Pottery – Serving Set
  3. Cynthia Webb Pewter Large Framed Wall Hanging – Perfect Union
  4. Cynthia Webb Pewter Small Framed Wall Hanging – Abide
  5. Alchemy Gathering Blessings Bowl
  6. Cynthia Webb Pewter Large Framed Wall Hanging – Joshua 24:15
  7. As for me and my house 17″ Wall Clock
  8. Wrought Iron Candy Dish with Cross
  9. Leather Scripture Mirror
  10. Easy Care ‘Love’ Napkin Set

Or check out our most popular categories of gifts for weddings Cynthia Webb Pewter, Scripture PotteryBlessings Bowls, Clocks & Mirrors, Wrought & Cast Iron Accents, Inspirational Furniture, and Scripture Embroidered Linens.

Looking for a gift to inspire?  Check out!

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  1. Excellent gift idea.. potter, many brides dont usually choose this type of gift, but with a little exposure I bet more would. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Me and my missus got married recently and asked for some nice china. Ended up getting some personalised stuff from Denby. It was a nice touch to get something personalised along with all the other usual stuff.

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