A Bowl Full of Blessings

The Gathering Bowl.  It is just as its name infers.  A bowl to be used when people gather together. 

This is such a thoughtful gift… one that will bless the recipients forever!  Perfect for summer Weddings and Big Anniversary Parties!

Its use is similar to that of a Prayer Tree that you sometimes see at Showers and/or Weddings – where people take turns, say a prayer and tie a ribbon around a tree branch.  The end product is symbolic of the support and prayers that are under-girding the newly wed couple.

The blessings bowl takes this concept a step further.  Using this bowl, attendees can take a piece of velum paper and jot down a prayer, a favorite Bible verse or a simple blessing.  They then roll up the piece of velum, tie it with a lovely ribbon, and then place it in the bowl.  The Bride and Groom then have this beautiful bowl full of blessings, prayers and good wishes to take home and treasure forever.  What a gift!

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