God’s Chisel

Does it feel like you are going through the wood chipper? Does it feel as if you are between a rock and a hard place ALL THE TIME? Does it seem that you are locked down in a vice Or that you are teetering closer to the edge of sanity and dangerously close to falling off a rocky cliff?  Are you surprised to find that the Christian Walk isn’t all joy and singing?  Is it harder than you ever anticipated?

Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes life just seems too complicated and painful. Allow me to offer this AMAZING perspective from the Skit Guys…

A Father disciplines the one’s He loves.  You are God’s masterpiece and He loves you very much and is carving, molding, bending you into His image.

Dear Lord, please pour your mercy and grace out on all who are hurting today.  Wrap them in your loving arms and allow them to feel you presence and see the hope that they have in you.  Amen

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