Reflecting the Son

I’m in the middle of a really good read about inner peace, Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Father Jacques Philippe.  In it, he shares a lovely comparison of us – humans and a lake.

From page 5…

“In order to understand this, we can use an image (without exaggerating, as we should always avoid doing in making comparisons); but one that can be illuminating.  Consider the surface of a lake, above which the sun is shining.  If the surface of the lake is peaceful and tranquil, the sun will be reflected in this lake; and the more peaceful the lake, the more perfectly will it be reflected.  If, on the contrary, the surface of the lake is agitated, undulating, then the image of the sun can not be reflected in it.”

Lake Reflecting Sun


Peace I leave with you, My own peace I give to you; a peace the world cannot give, this is My gift to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled or afraid… (John 14:27)

Isn’t it true?  We have no hope of being a reflection of our Lord when we are wrought with stress, anxiety, fear, pain, depression… it is only when we allow the peace of Christ to dwell richly within us that we are able to be this reflective witness. 

Satan LOVES to banish peace from our heart!  He knows that the Holy Spirit abides in peace and it is in peace that God accomplishes great things… not turbulent waters.

May the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, today (Colossians 3:15).  Remember that His grace is enough for you and that His power will manifest itself in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

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