There is something blowing in the wind… oh yeah… it’s the NEW Faith & Moments Inspirational Wind Chimes

As summer wraps up and fall begins to make a play for the NorthEast… our weather patterns begin to shift.  This past weekend we had a very fall-like weekend with a NorEaster weather pattern.  The wind and rain blew down Lake George from the north and made our final days at the lake chilly and damp. 

The up-side to this type of weather was that there was very little boat noise… which allowed only the clanking of the sailboat wires along the mast and the sometimes gentle and sometimes clanging of the wind chimes on the deck. 

What is it with wind chimes?  Why are they so soothing?  They produce a longing tone that draws me right into their cadence and melody… and I find myself mesmerized.

In celebration of the windy fall season, we are happy to announce that we have added two new 40″ Signature Series Sonnet Wind Chimes to our collection.

The Faith Chime has been etched with ‘Faith always begins with believing.’   Yeah… we all need that reminder 🙂

The Moments Chime has been etched with ‘Each moment is a new place you’ve never been.’ 

As with most of our wind chimes, these chimes include a unique adjustable striker. By simply pinching the durable spring-loaded cinching device and sliding the polycarbonate striker up or down. This allows you to find the range of tones which you like most.

Want to see more of our windchimes?  Click here…Wind Chimes.

Think about giving a wind chime today as a special inspirational gift to someone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up and a reminder of the love of Christ.

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