Serving Others…

Maybe we should adopt the official line of every fast food worker in America… ‘How can I help you?’.

No… really.

We are called to not only ‘Go forth and make disciples of every nation’ Matthew 28:19, but also to go forth and wash the feet of our broken and suffering world. John 13:14 

This world is very broken and the people who reside on this earth have very real needs… are lost and lonely… and feel very forgotten.  This entire world is our mission field.  In fact, even the feet washers – at times – could use some loving care from a fellow pedo-washers.

This amazing bronze plaque reiterates this message in a very lovely way.  It is based upon the Scripture from John 13 where, during the last supper, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and then instructs them to do the same.  This brilliant piece of art hails from Germany.

Perfect for gifting a blessed soul going into the mission field, an Emmaus pilgrim, a Confirmand, an Ordination Candidate and any other disciple who is following Christ.

Go Out Into The World

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