Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift – Personalized myGodTag

This is a beautiful gift to give to the mother who’s entire life is wrapped around her children.  An especially special gift for a new mother.

This stunning hand cast .925 sterling silver rolo chain comes with two separate .925 sterling silver tags.  The FAMILY tag depicts a crown representing the crowning achievement of having children. The three crosses represent the family, with the Husband in the center, and the Mother and Child on each side, as well as the Holy Trinity. …Children’s children are a crown to the aged. Proverbs 17:6.

The second tag is 100% customizable. You can add names, birth dates, special sayings… all children listed on one or have a separate tag per child.  Size limitations apply.  Custom tag is available in 3 sizes.  Small, Medium & Large.   See all myGodTags.

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Call with ANY questions!  866.834.0356 or 203.834.0356.  These are amazingly popular for Mother’s Day 2010.  They usually ship within 3 business days.

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