Growing ‘Good’ Fruit in your Life

Well, it’s official.  2011 is here and 2010 is long gone. 

As with most new years, a lot of people go through the process of identifying things that they want to change in their lives, setting new goals for the new year and detailing a plan for how to get there.  I desire more of Christ within me.

As a Christian mom, I continue to be humbled… and a bit disappointed in myself… for how difficult it is to experience the entire ‘suite’ of the Fruit of the Spirit… especially all at one!

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.’ Galatians 5.22

I greatly desire to have more of each of these… especially patience 🙂  It’s good to keep fresh in our minds, this scripture so that we can continue to seek God’s grace and outpouring of these in our lives.

This lovely hand cast bracelet is made by one of our favorite artisans and is a sincere and handsome reminder of  what fruit we should be focused on growing in 2011.

The medallion is made of .925 Sterling Silver. Chain is 7″ and made of gold links. There is a heart charm in the middle of the bracelet. Comes with a pearl adoration. Medallion measures approximately 1 7/8″ wide and 5/8″ tall.

The creator, Ashleigh George has been designing unique and creative jewelry from a very young age. The pieces that we carry are from her Dove Collection which are inspired by the richness of Scripture along with the beautiful and intricate patterns found in nature. She hopes that the wearer will be inspired and reminded of the true Word of God, and that they will find comfort and strength that these wearable treasures hold.

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