Top Ten Serenity Prayer Gift Ideas

Top 10 Serenity Prayer Gifts

There are many theories, but no one really knows who wrote the Serenity Prayer or when it was written. One theory suggests that it was written in 500A.D. by a philosopher named Boethius who became a martyr for the Christians of his time.

A theologian in the 1930’s and 1940’s named Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr is often cited as the author, but he read it in an obituary notice and gave credit to an earlier 18th century theologian. It is claimed that Dr. Niebuhr was so impressed by the prayer that he brought it to the attention of Bill W., one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was so suited for the needs of AA it became a key part of the AA movement and their 12 step program. Alcoholics Anonymous and the other 12 step programs deserve the credit for making the Serenity Prayer so popular in the 20th Century.


We are happy to share a few of the newer Serenity Prayer Gift Ideas that we now have available…

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Our Top Ten Serenity Prayer Gift Ideas


Baptism | Christening | Christmas | Confirmation | Father’s Day | First Communion | Graduation | Mother’s Day | Sympathy/Bereavement | Valentine’s Day | Wedding

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